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Dr. Gayathri Devi

Tamara hospital was co-founded and mentored by the late Dr. Gayathri Devi. She was one of the most senior and eminent Gynecologists of Bangalore with over 35 years of contribution to this field.

She was a pioneer in the women health care sector. She worked at Varalakshmi Nursing Home for 35 years, which was one of the most popular and oldest hospitals in Bangalore. The popularity and credibility that Varalakshmi Nursing Home gained was entirely due to the sheer effort and time put in by Dr. Gayathri Devi in developing the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Dr. Gayathri Devi performed more than 20,000 deliveries, surgeries and other procedures in her vast experience of 35 years. She was the preferred doctor for generations of people with her high quality treatment and an approach that spelled tender love and care.

She was also an expert in infertility treatment and has successfully treated hundreds of people in her vast experience.

Her contribution to the cause of women health care was enormous. Tamara Hospital is her dream project which was envisioned and mentored by her.

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