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ICSI Treatment in Bangalore

We at Tamara Hospital & IVF Centre helping infertile couples to conceive a Child from last 35+ years. We provide the most affordable ICSI Treatment in Bangalore by the Best Fertility Doctors.

ICSI is one of the Best way to overcome from male infertility. Are you willing to conceive? Are you confused about your treatment options, Our fertility specialists will help you to choose a right treatment, Get a Free Consultation Now.

What is ICSI?

icsi treatment at Tamra hospital Bangalore

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a medical procedure that helps couples facing pregnancy issues conceive a child successfully. It is basically an alternative reproductive technique that can also be seen as an extension of IVF. ICSI is considered to be one of the most advanced and successful treatments in the country to solve infertility in males.

Where ICSI Maybe Recommended?

The indications of conventional IVF and ICSI are tubal factor, uterine factor, premature ovarian failure, ovulatory dysfunction, endometriosis, diminished ovarian reserve and unexplained infertility. ICSI is specially recommended for samples presenting alterations in the semen analysis (mostly in cases of low concentration or motility), situations in which there are a limited number of oocytes available or in cases of previous fertilisation failures with conventional IVF. This leads conventional IVF to be usually indicated in good prognosis patients were the quality of both gametes is not an apparent limitation.

ICSI Success Rate in Bangalore

ICSI treatment Success Rate in Bangalore is comparatively higher than other fertility treatments and can work wonders in enhancing your fertility. However, before you opt for this medical procedure, we would recommend that you consult your doctor and get some tests done to check if your body would be compatible with the procedure.

At Tamara Hospital, Success Rate of ICSI Treatment varies from 68% to 73%, Success Rate may vary one patient to another based on their age and existing health condition. Contact Us to know more about the ICSI Treatment & it’s success rates.

ICSI Treatment and Male Infertility

There might be some other reasons other than physical or biological causes for infertility. Even if males have a vasectomy, you can reverse the procedure and get an ICSI treatment steps to improve your chances.

ICSI Treatment Cost in Bangalore

ICSI is a procedure that works in multiple cycles and each of these cycles includes extra costs and have to be paid for additionally. The ICSI cost in Bangalore varies from Rs. 79,000/- to Rs. 1, 40,000 per cycle. This includes only the standard methods and traditional techniques.

Tamara Hospital is known for it’s Success Rates & Affordability, We Ranked as the 4th Best Fertility Centre in Bangalore and we have a team of highly experienced Fertility Specialists.

Contact us to know more the ICSI Treatment Cost in Bangalore and you can also schedule a free consultation with our experts at Rajajinagar.

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