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IUI Treatment in Bangalore

Tamara Hospital & IVF Centre is helping infertile patients from last 35+ Years, and known & Ranked as one of the Best Fertility Centre to provide Affordable IUI Treatment in Bangalore by the Highly Experienced Fertility/IUI Doctors.

Planning to undergo for IUI Treatment? Get a Free Consultation with our fertility specialists.

What is Intrauterine Insemination?

iui treatment at Tamra hospital Bangalore

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure that promises to bring the sperm and the egg closer together than would typically be possible in natural circumstances. It is a process in which concentrated motile sperm collected from the male partner are injected directly into the female partner's uterus. By timing the procedure to coincide with ovulation, IUI attempts to bring the sperm and the egg near each other, resulting in a potential union. IUI is a favourable treatment in Bangalore at Tamara Hospital, especially in cases where the male partner has been diagnosed with low sperm reserves, or the female partner suffers from endometriosis or ovulatory dysfunction.

Is IUI right for you?

Intrauterine insemination is a relatively affordable fertility treatment, and many individuals or couples will choose to try IUI before moving forward with the more intensive and expensive IVF process. When you weigh the benefits of IUI, including the lower cost, lower time commitment, and lower stress, you can see why many individuals and couples opt to try IUI first.

Since each individual is different, your doctor can provide a more accurate estimate of your expected success rate with IUI. Ask your doctor for more information about the number of inseminations/number of IUI cycles that are right for you.

IUI Treatment Success Rate in Bangalore

Tamara Hospital in one of the Best IUI Treatment Hospital in Bangalore, Success Rates at Tamara Hospital is comparatively higher than other fertility centers. IUI Success Rate in Bangalore varies from 28% to 35%.

Every couple will have a different response to IUI, and it can be difficult to predict its success. A number of factors affect the outcome, including:

  • Age
  • Underlying infertility diagnosis
  • Whether fertility drugs are used
  • Other underlying fertility concerns

IUI Treatment Success Rate may vary one patient to another, Contact Us to know more about the Success Rate & Treatment procedure.

IUI Cost in Bangalore

The Cost of IUI treatment in Bangalore can vary based on type of the clinic (Private/Corporate/Government) and specific needs, patient age, etc.

Tamara Hospital & IVF Centre states that the cost of IUI in Bangalore (Rajajinagar) ranges from Rs.7000/- to Rs.12,000/-. This does not include the cost of fertility medications. Additional costs may include ultrasounds, lab testing, etc.

Cost may vary one patient to another, Contact Us to Know More about the Cost of IUI Treatment at Tamara Hospital.

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