Mrs. Rashmi Ajay

Rashmi is a young budding embryologist. She completed her post graduation in Biotechnology in 2008. She obtained her embryology training in 2011 and aspires to be one of the best embryologists.

Right from a very early age she had a keen interest in life sciences specifically genetics. She has also undergone training in recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering.

Rashmi is an astute learner; she has assimilated the best embryology practices and techniques in the past couple of years. She is known for her high standards of maintaining the laboratory which is the key in achieving positive results and success rates. Her major interest areas are In-vitro oocyte maturation, In-vitro culture techniques, cryopreservation and blastocyst culture.

She has contributed immensely to the high success rate that Tamara has achieved..

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